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Club History!

The first meeting was held at the VFW Hall 1/3/1951.  It was decided to meet there every Wednesday from 8 to 11.  It was also decided to keep the club small "until we see how it works out and then ask operators and their husbands to join."

The rental of the hall was $5.00 a night and they decided to charge $1 per couple.

"The club decided to appoint Bill Willingham temporary chairman until we get organized and elect officers.  He appointed Elizabeth Simonson to act as Secretary Treasure until officers are elected"

We plan to scan the original documents and place them on the web site.

All callers for the club are members of the club.  We currently have four members who call at our dances.  Mary Ann Martin has been calling for the club since 1974, Jeanie Groves has been calling since 2001,  Fred Weiner has been calling since 2000, Don Sewell who has been calling for the club from the mid 1960's.

Over the years the club has had many member/callers.  I am in the process of gathering information on as many member/callers as I can.  information on past member/callers is hard to come by.

Mary Ann Martin has been calling for over 30 years.  Fred Weiner moved here from Brooklyn, New York where he was a caller for over 20 years.  Fred has been calling for over 30 years.  Jeanie Groves has been calling since 2001.

If you notice any errors on this web site please contact me so that I may post the correct information.

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