Buzz of the Bees—Blue Bell Square Dance Club



 Editor—Jim Groves

District Representatives:  Jim & Jeanie Groves
President — Bob Richie

Vice-President—Fred Edgington

Secretary — Gary Donart

Treasurer—Bob Dowd

Board Members—Don Miles, Billie Edgington, Fred Wiener, Susan Raby   

Vips— Please come abut 7 pm to help the President set up-make coffee etc.

September10th — Powell & Raby

September 24th — Sallach & Sewell

October 8th — Schoener & Weiner

October 22th — Carroll & Clements

November 12th — Curry & Davis

November 19th — Donart & Dowd

December 10th — Edgington & Gill

December 31st — New Years Eve Dance


The Blue Bell Callers would like to start a basic/mainstream class on Tuesday Oct. 9th.  If you have anyone that might be interested forward their names and phone number to one of the callers.


Blue Bell Square Dance Club will be 55 years old in January 2006.  We are planning a special dance to celebrate.  Please keep January 28th open for this special dance. 


We are planning to refinish the floor at the Bridge Center in November.  So the 2nd dance in November will be held on Saturday November 19th instead of  November 26th. We still need volunteers to help.  Most of the help is needed to move tables/chairs and clean the floor before we start.  If you will be able to help please contact Bob Richie at 526-6301.


The Las Cruces Square Dance Community has lost two members in the past several months,  Bill Pinks, and Pam Harmon.  They were both members of Travel’n Twirlers, now the “A” group.  Our thoughts and prayers go to their families and loved ones. 


Some of you may already know that Dale Hudson a long time member of Blue Bell’s and well known area Square Dance Caller has been diagnosed as having ALS or “Lou Gehrigs Disease”.  Dale and Beth have moved from Ruiodoso to Roswell.  Their address in Roswell is 1800 North Cambridge, Roswell NM 88201, and his cell phone is 505-937-3461.  He said he would be so happy to hear from any of the square dancers and that if any one is in Roswell please stop in to see them or give them a call.  Please keep them in your thoughts and payers.


Bob and Pat’s son, Jeffery, is terminally ill and is at home with them under the care of Hospice.  They wanted everyone to know that they will probably not be able to attend our dances for a while.  I know the thoughts and payers of their many friends are with them during this difficult time ahead.


Charles and Pat’s daughter’s family, who lives in Nacogdoches, TX had a tree fall on part of their house during hurricane Rita.  The good news is that none of the family was injured.  Please keep them in your thoughts and payers.


There will be a Blue Bell board meeting at 6:00 pm before the Oct. 8th dance.

Upcoming Dances

Tue. November 1st, 2005 Jerry Junck— At the Munson Center.  7:30-9:30pm- $10/couple.  For info call 382-8932 or 532-9664.

Sat. October 22nd, 2005: Blue Bell Halloween Dance.  Costumes are optional.  This is and informal dance.  See flyer for more information.

 October 29th 2005 Southwest District Dance — The District dance will be held in Alamogordo  at the Odd Fellows Hall on 1st Street.  Ted Clements will be calling and  Jim & Linda Kline will be cueing Rounds

Regular Dances

1st & 3rd Sunday’s Circle 8’s will host their regular dance 6:00pm at the Munson Center. Wilson Purcella caller.

 1st Saturday Each Month Las Cruces Crossfires, Art Harvey calling at Belton Bridge Center, 7:30-10:00pm.  Call 505-546-5393

"A" dances First and Third Wednesday at 7:30PM. Wilson Purcella calling at Munson Center. Call 505- 382-5543.