Buzz of the Bees—Blue Bell Square Dance Club


JUNE 2005

 Editor—Jim Groves

District Representatives:  Jim & Jeanie Groves
President — Don Miles

Vice-President—Bob Richie

Secretary — Linda Dowd

Treasurer—Bob Dowd

Board Members—Jeanie Groves, Fred Edgington, Art Harvey, Michael Lewis

Vips— Please come abut 7 pm to help the President set up-make coffee etc.

June 25th — Davis & Donart

July 9th — Edgington & Gill

July 23rd — Groves & Harvey

August 13th — Lewis & Martin

August 27th — Miles & Pickering

September10th — Powell & Raby

September 24th — Sallach & Schoener

October 8th — Sewell & Weiner

Southwest District Representatives 

Charles & Pat Davis, our district representatives, for the past few years have convinced Jim and Jeanie Groves to take over as district representatives.  Jim and Jeanie will take over after the State Festival.  Our thanks to Charles and Pat for representing Blue Bell’s.  We sometimes forget that it takes a fair number of  involved couples to keep our club going.  Thanks, Charles and Pat!

Southwest District Memberships

If you would like to renew you membership, please contact Jim Groves.  Memberships are $20 and include a subscription to the “Southwest Dancer”  newsletter. 


The State Festival was a lot of fun this year.  It was held in Albuquerque on the 20th of May.  Don’t know how many couples there were but it was a good group.  All of the dances were called by state callers and Cuers.  There were quite a few couples from Las Cruces.  Wish all of you could have made it.

 Wilson Purcella

Congratulations to Wilson Purcella on being selected as a member of the NMSRDA Hall of  Fame.  Both he and Grace Wheatly from Farmington were selected as members at this years State Festival in Albuquerque.

Sick/Injured/On The Mend

Mary Ann has finished with her physical therapy and has resumed dancing some.  Alma Lewis on the mend after her Bypass surgery and was at the May Plus dance.  She has only one more appointment before she is given a clean bill of health.  Sharon Wooden was in the Southwest Rehabilitation Hospital with a fractured hip.  She is home and not allowed to put any weight on her hip.  Hopefully she will be able to at the end on the month.  Jim Wooden also had cataract surgery  and is doing well.   Pat Gill is having physical therapy for a knee problem so the Gill’s are out of  pocket for a while.  She is doing a lot better.  They are leaving on vacation for three weeks and we hope to see them in late July.  Joyce Curry had to have laser eye surgery and is doing well.  She and John just got back from an extended trip.  We hope to see them on the dance floor soon.


if you notice that some of your friends have not been to the dances lately, please give them a call and check on them.  If you haven’t been to a dance lately try and make the next dance June25th.  We miss all of our dancers and we need all of you for the continued success of our club.

Bob & Irene Richie

The Richie’s are traveling to Germany at the end of May and will be gone for about a month.  To place your order for your favorite German beer send them an email.

Upcoming Dances

June 17-18, 2005 Fourth Annual Dance and Fun Weekend @ White Mountain School Cafeteria.  Featuring the Callers Ted Clements & Dick Parish, Cuer Max King, Midland, TX.  The dances are $12/Couple.  The Saturday morning festivities are free.  There is free RV parking.  For lodging contact: Ruidoso Chamber of Commerce, Box 698, Ruidoso, NM  Phone: 505-257-7395.

September 2-4 2005Labor Day Dance Festival— At the M-Squarena in Midland, Texas.  Featuring the Callers David Davis & Dick Parish, Cuer Kathy Oliver, Clogging leader Helen Cassady.  Advanced registration before Aug. 15th, $27/Couple.  For Registration, pickup a flyer at our dance.  For more information contact Dick Parrish, P.O. Box 433 Hobbs, NM 88241-0433 or E-mail:

Regular Dances

1st & 3rd Sunday’s Circle 8’s will host their regular dance 6:00pm at the Munson Center. Wilson Purcella caller.

 1st Saturday Each Month Las Cruces Crossfires, Art Harvey calling at Belton Bridge Center, 7:30-10:00pm.  Call 505-546-5393

"A" dances First and Third Wednesday at 7:30PM. Wilson Purcella calling at Munson Center. Call 505- 382-5543.